Who Is RainboWindow?

RainboWindow is a mother-daughter team made up of Mary Minette Meyer and Beth Prince, both of Southeast Missouri.

RainboWindow started when Mary asked Beth how to get a children's story published. It's name was, Deuteronomy Did It!, a story Mary had told to Beth and her brother when they were children.

The idea grew and soon Mary and Beth started the process to publish their own book - because "It would be more fun", said Beth.

Soon Mary was writing regularly with a new story coming along almost every day. Mary and Beth worked closely on both editing and illustrating the stories, hence the RainboWindow team was born.

The debut title, Leviticus, I Love You, is #3 in the series. It's a wonderful story about realizing our personality is at its best when we accept we are who God made us to be.

We invite you to join the story with us as we launch our first complete title and look forward to more titles in the future.